About me

I am very interested in erotics. I watched erotic videos, admired the beautiful girls and wanted to be like them. But I didn’t know how to start. In 2008 I worked as a hostess at an erotic fair in Berlin. I had the opportunity to meet famous erotic models, porn stars, strippers... and I decided to start with erotic modeling, too. I sent my pictures to several agencies and things started to move.

During the years in erotic business I met a lot of interesting people, visited many countries and, most important of all, I became independent. I love my job and that’s why I decided to start this website. I want to express myself, to share some of the precious moments with my fans.

In the past years I often changed my look, my image. Now I think I found the way to go. I know many people prefer natural image, but I do have a different opinion on this and prefer more „artificial“ look. That’s why I decided to have a number of tattoos, that’s why I changed the color of my hair to blond. I like it and I hope you’ll like it, too!

On this website you’ll find my new photosets (more of them to come!). You can send me some ideas, wishes or suggestions of what you’d like to find here – don’t be shy, your wishes can come true! I hope you like my new style. Enjoy this website!


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